"A room without books is like a body without a soul." - Cicero

Monday, December 15, 2008

Secret Desires by Stormy Glenn

If you haven't noticed by the cover, this is not only an erotic love story (meaning no person under 18 should read this), but it's also a M/M/M (Male on Male ON Male). But you're all smart cookies and saw the Menage Amour at the top.

Anyway, this story is about when an alpha male (Jake), the leader of a gay werewolf pack stumbles upon his mate. Being gay, Jake wasn't aware that he still had a mate out in the world somewhere and was extremely surprised when he found Leyland-an omega.

There was one small problem, for the last ten years Jake had been involved with his right hand man (no pun intended...maybe) Lucas, who he was in love with. Now these two lovers had to call a quits to their affair because they both knew what having a mate meant.

Come to find out that not only is Leyland Jake's mate, but turns out he's also Lucas' (a beta) mate. Can Jake and Lucas learn to share, or is one of them doomed to lose both their mate and the man they love? Can Leyland become part of these men's life or will he just be a third wheel, afterall, Jake and Lucas love eachother, why would they want Leyland.

Well let me just say that this is my first time reading a gay romance, and it's also my first time reading an erotic gay romance, and obviously a M/M/M as well. I couldn't have picked a better book to read! It's a quick read, a little over 100 pages. The story is extremely fascinating, and the characters are great. Besides loving each of the characters for what they each brought to the story, I especially liked the dialogue during the sex scenes. Never have I had so much fun reading a sex scene! They were cute, sweet, erotic, and funny as hell! They also made me blush a little, hehe. So I say, get this e-book and indulge in a little Brokeback Mountain fantasy.

5 Steamy Stars

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Second Chances by Christle Gray

This is the story of two people who fall madly in love-at first sight. Kristin, a widow for the last 3 years, is reluctant to start any relationship. Especially one with David McDougal, actor, [supposedly] engaged to London's sweetheart Sophie Miller. Can Kristin overcome her life long insecurities? Can David get his life in order without forever ruining his career? Will love conquer all?

A great e-book, one I will put on my virtual keeper shelf! After finishing it, all I wanted to do was read it over. The story is beautiful, the characters are described so well that you can easily see them in your mind's eye. And anyone who read this book will want a Scottsman of their own. I know I do. So I say, get your butts in gear and buy Second Chances!

I also want to take the time to announce that the cover for Second Chances has been nominated for best cover over at The Author's Lounge. Before I read the book I thought it was a very nice cover, and after reading it I find I love the cover even more! Personally, I hate book covers that don't really have anything to do with the story. There has even been a few times where the female on the cover has had a different hair color than the heroine in the story (eek!). Not this cover. I wouldn't be surprised if the artist, Shirley Burnett, read the book beforehand, it goes that well with the story.

Whether Shirley Burnett read it, or Christle Gray just did a bang-up job describing it to her, this cover deserves to win. You could...should vote for this here.