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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wicked By Any Other Name by Linda Wisdom

Anastasia 'Stasi' Romanov, is the good, well-behaved, well-mannered witch of the group who runs a little side business within her lingerie shop. Love charms. You see, Stasi is all about love. She gives Cupid a run for his money. When a disgruntled customer accuses Stasi of ruining her marriage with her magic, she serves her papers. Stasi is being sued in Wizard's Court. If she loses the case, she may lose her magic.

That's where Trevor Barnes comes into play. He's the attorney- and wizard -in charge of bringing justice to the mortal women. When Trevor and Stasi meet, sparks fly. All sorts! A lot of them good. But everyone knows wizards and witches just don't mix.

It's up to Stasi to clear her name, protect her heart, and save her town and the townspeople from unseen evil forces. Because she knows there's something else going on besides the lunar eclipse and Mercury retrograde.

And it's up to Trevor to find out the truth behind the lawsuit, because he suspects his client isn't as innocent as she first appeared. Trevor hates bullies. He'll also help Stasi figure out the mysteries that are in town, as well as convince her that the attraction they feel for eachother is not just a result of Cupid's practical joke.

Now I must admit that I love Jazz Tremaine, so far she's my favorite witch from this series. But Stasi stole my heart. She's sweet, kind, and caring. And she has much more inner strangth than anyone- including herself -thought she had. I like that she's the complete opposite of Jazz; quiet and subdued.

I really enjoyed this part of Linda's Hex series. I like how each girl is unique and has their own special talents and quirks. Stasi's hiccups are adorable! I also enjoyed Horace, the perverted gargoyle. He's funny. And I was very happy when Jazz dropped by with Fluff and Puff and Irma. I was missing them. Trevor Barnes is hot! And I approve! LOL I feel like the other witches, being overprotective of Stasi. She really stole my heart. :)

Can't wait for the next book! (Which I believe comes out next month)

A Match Made In Hell by Terri Garey

This is the sequel to Dead Girls Are Easy. It continues shortly after Nicki Styx puts Caprice's spirit to rest. Nicki can still see dead people and is trying to cope with her new ability. Sexy doctor Joe Bascombe is still sticking it out with her.

Things become more complicated for Nicki when a ghost enters her store asking for help. Spoiler Alert: Nicki finds her long lost twin sister. She isn't long lost to Nicki, since up until recently she didn't even know about her existence. But she is Joe's long lost wife.

Nicki is stuck between emotions. On one hand, she's kind of intrigued, even a little happy, to meet and get to know her sister. On the other hand, she's Joe's wife and it looks like she might still have feelings for him.

If that wasn't enough of a complication; because of her kind heart (don't let her catch you saying that) she lets her sister move in with her. Fun, eh? Especially when Nicki and Joe are in the next room bumping uglies.

You want more conflict? Well, here you go! Long lost relatives begin to appear and a family house with many skeletons, not only in the closet, but in the pantry as well. And Nicki has a feeling that the man her sister has been speaking with may be a ghost. Talk about family resemblance!

Did I mention the devil is trying to seduce her as well?

Do you need any more reasons to read this book? I don't think so!!!

A Match Made In Hell by Terri Garey. Buy it!