"A room without books is like a body without a soul." - Cicero

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Tall Dark Greek Boss by Anna Cleary

Samos Stilakos, successful businessman is bored with his life and career. He has a new proposition from a bank in serious need of his business savvy. Taking the reins of the sinking bank and turning it into a success is just the type of project he would have enjoyed at one point in his life.

Not anymore.

He's fed up. After he's invited to an employee party thrown by the bank to convince Sam of why he should save this company, he knows without a shadow of a doubt that nothing could make him take this offer.

Until he stumbles across and ethereal looking woman in a dark balcony.

Ellie O'Dea isn't the type of woman to do crazy things, but the combination of the evening, the gorgeous Greek man, and the mask keeping her face hidden, had Ellie acting completely out of character. When Sam invites her up to his hotel room she accepts. And when he propositions her, she also accepts. With the condition that she's allowed to keep her face hidden.

Ellie may not be acting like herself, but she still has enough sense to make sure she doesn't expose herself to her potential future boss.

Four months later, after Sam and Ellie's passionate night, Ellie is working as Sam's personal assistant. She's appalled by the fact that he doesn't seem to recognize her, even though she did dye her hair, she never did take off her mask that night, and she did tell him if he ever recognized her to pretend like he didn't...

But still...how could he not recognize her, right? ;-)

Well, what Ellie doesn't know (yet) is that Sam did recognize her, and he's determined to make her his again. After all, he is a very successful businessman. He's used to always getting what he wants. Why else would he have bought the bank?

I started reading this book around 5 a.m. I needed to read a little bit before going to sleep (I'm a night person who works nights, hence the 5 a.m. bedtime). I had planned to read a chapter, maybe two depending on the length. I ended up staying up all morning. I didn't put the book down until I finished reading it in its entirety. It was a great story, with great characters. I love how Sam and Ellie butt heads. They're both hardheaded individuals, both used to doing things their way. It's a true testament of their feelings for one another when one would bend for the other. Of course things always ended up going even worse when someone would give in. They would both assume things instead of just asking the other. And you know what happens when you assume:

You make an ASS out of U and ME.

When I finally finished reading this book, I was sad. I never wanted it to end! And as I read the last few chapters- and wiped the tears from my face -I kept thinking, 'I hope someday I write as beautiful and moving as Anna Cleary'.

Most definitely going on my keeper shelf!

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

A book filled with Magic, Love, and Suspense…

While Ethan Wate is counting down the days until he can escape from the small town of Gatlin, South Carolina, new girl Lena Duchannes is counting down the days until her fate is decided.

Once Lena arrives, everyone in town shuns her away immediately.

Ethan is dealing with a death in the family and is having a difficult time accepting the fact that his father has secluded himself from the world.

Lena is a mysterious girl who is struggling to deal with her ‘abilities.’

But no matter how different, these two teenagers are drawn to each other like magnets.

Ethan is determined to find out why. In the process, there are plenty of secrets and a lot of paranormal chaos…it’s anything but easy.


It’s a very short review, but if you’ve read the back of the book, you’ll understand why. I don’t want to give away details without spoiling the ending to such a great book!

So, I came across this novel by accident. I bought if intentionally for my little cousin… and lucky me, decided to order it online; therefore, leaving me to either return it, or keep it for myself and read it!

Guess what I did? Lol.

And I have to say, I am super happy about keeping the book; I loved it because it held my attention from the first page to the very last… even though there’s a lot of reference to the Civil War – it was needed.

It is a thick book, but don’t let that prevent you from reading it; the pages fly by.

I felt that it was well written, the characters were likable, everything in it was there for a reason, and all the mysteries were unraveled in the end.

If you like urban fantasy and YA Paranormal Romance…you’ll enjoy this.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Secret Santa 4 U by Paisley Scott

It's Christmas time again, the time of year that makes 33 year-old librarian Sophie Mulligan feel the loneliest. The holidays are a constant reminder that no matter what, she can never say the right thing to men.

After a little coercing from her neighbor and friend, Brody, Sophie joins a dating site. At first her luck does not seem to be going well, but after she has a talk with Brody who insists she change her screen name from LibraryLass to HotLibrarian, her luck changes.

Moments after entering the 30-Somethings chat room, Sophie spots a person under the moniker SecretSanta4U. Amused, she messages him. Sophie is instantly deflated as the conversation heads in the same direction it always does, sex. But she heeds her friend's words from earlier and decides to loosen up and have a little fun.

The end result: One steamy cyber session.

Sophie is instantly hooked. She's attracted to this man whom she has never met, and is having the most sex she has had in a long time. It all seems perfect, except for the fact that it's all cyber. But that all changes on Christmas Eve when a blizzard brings SecretSanta4U to her door.

What can I say about this story? It's short, about 39 pages. And in my opinion, every page is freaking gold! I didn't know that a story that short could be so filling, so gratifying. It felt like a full length novel, with enough character information to really see them in your mind's eye and enough...well...enough everything. Not a word was wasted.

Paisley Scott, remember that name, she's gonna be big!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hex In High Heels by Linda Wisdom

Hex in High Heels is the 4th book from the Hex Series. It stars Blair Fitzpatrick, Stasi's best friend and roommate. We know Blair from Linda's previous books as having an in-your-face type attitude and an overall temperament similar to Jazz's.

At the end of the previous book, Wicked by Any Other Name, Blair finds out that Jake Harrison, the hot carpenter she has been crushing on, and the border collie that hangs around her residence, are one and the same. She knows Jake likes her just as much as she likes him, but he's resistant of her advances.

Not that that's gonna stop Blair.

In between trying to seduce Jake, Blair and Jake have to come together and protect the town and lake from the new residents, Jake's old pack. The pack of werewolves is led by Jake's brother, who wants to steal the land away from Blair and Stasi and wants to see Jake dead.

A lot of alpha energy pushing and shoving between Jake, his brother, their mother and Blair. But Blair is one powerful witch, with powerful witch friends, and she's one formidable opponent. She will do everything to save her town, and save the man she loves from his crazy family. Jake is part of her pack now, and her pack is a much better one to be in.

What a great story! So many things happen all at once. I love that. Between the pack drama there's foul smelling elves, and problems with Fluff and Puff (love those guys). Blair is a lot like Jazz, as I said before, but she's still a different character from Jazz. Overall it was a beautiful and well told tale, and all the characters (good and bad) really spoke to me.

Though I must admit the character I liked the most was Jake's ex fiance. A sexy werewolf named- you ready for this? -Jennifer Santiago.

That's me, you guys! I'm biased, I'll admit it. I won a fanfiction contest last year and Linda Wisdom put me in her book. I was most excited to see myself- and my name -in one of her books. I'm a big fan of this series, if you haven't noticed.

Anyway, for a dramatic and hilarious fun time, read Hex in High Heels. You will love it!

Can't wait till the next book!