"A room without books is like a body without a soul." - Cicero

Friday, January 11, 2013

Help Wanted by Meg Silver

This is book 1 in the Fantasy Heights series.

A thirst for adventure leads one young woman to Fantasy Heights. This resort, specializing in fantasy fulfillment, will put her to the test. Does she have what it takes to explore sexual pleasure to its fullest? Does she have the courage to pursue her own fantasies?


I know I've been reading a lot of erotica lately, but I'm a sucker for free books and if the blurb catches my attention, I'm going to get it.

Anyway, this story has piqued my interest, which means I'm going to have to read the next part to see what happens with Amanda. She is going through something right now, I won't say what, but it lands her in this special resort. I want to say that part of her is soul searching, but at the same time, the events that led her to Fantasy Heights are still too recent, so she doesn't really think about it. So how can you soul effectively soul search if you suppress certain emotions? Will Amanda stay at Fantasy Heights? Or will she "find herself" and realize this isn't for her? That is one of the themes for this series, and the owner of Fantasy Heights, Stephanie has brought it up already. As of right now, it looks like Amanda is there to stay; but who knows what will happen later on down the road.

I do want to say that I hope we get to know more about Thomas. He works at the resort and Amanda has been working under him for most of her training period. There is a story there. Actually multiple stories. Thomas himself, and how he ended up there, is a story. At least for me, I'm personally intrigued. Especially now that Stephanie has voiced her concerns for him and Amanda has realized that he seems jaded. I want to know what that is about. There's also something going there between Thomas and Amanda, and I don't think it's just work. I want to know what it is and where it's headed.

Help Wanted is a very entertaining story, the sex scenes are interesting enough. Nothing new, but I do like the way the author handles them. Amazon is currently offering this title for free, so feel free to check it out.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Brie Learns To Obey by Red Phoenix

This is book #2 of the Brie series.

Brie's second day of submissive training tests her level of obedience and brings a sexy new Dom into her life, but she risks it all to stand up for one of the other girls. Fortunately, the proper punishment is handed out and her evening doesn't end after training is over. Oh no! Brie enjoys a private session with Sir who has a little surprise waiting for her in his office.

Oh my god I've got goosebumps running all over my body, and a Cheshire cat grin. I cannot wait to grab the 3rd installment. THIS is what the first part was missing. This sense of excitement for the story and the characters. Part of me is afraid to read the next story because this one was perfect. I don't want anything to ruin this euphoric state I'm in.

My feelings for Brie haven't changed, I still like her and I still identify with her. But Sir...oh boy, Sir! I'm loving him. Can I get a Sir in my life, please? I was afraid Sir wasn't going to do what he promised in the first part. Like Brie, I had given up hope and then in the last minute Sir came through. And boy did he deliver!

Honorable mentions go to the sex swing, the collar, and Tono. “I will be back for you.”

Am I the only one that wants to see Tono, Sir, and Baron duke it out for Brie?

Also, I think Mistress Clark might be into Brie as well…I think that would be interesting, and rather amusing.


Brie's First Day of Submissive Training by Red Phoenix

This is Book #1 of the Brie Series:

Brie's life changes the day Sir comes to her tiny tobacco shop. His invitation to The Submissive Training Center is about to rock this young woman's world. The renowned school is famous for its submissive instruction. She has no idea the things that will be asked of her or the boundaries that will be pushed. Join Brie on her first day of training where true Subs are separated from the wanna-be's.


My first thought as I finished this book was, "Noooooooo!" I was completely in the story. I'm dying to know what happens to Brie. I'm hoping the 2nd book picks up right where this one left off. I'm definitely getting the next part - probably after I finish writing this.

It's a very well written story, and the scenario is ingenious. A school, that looks like a regular college campus that teaches you how to be a submissive. I think the fact that they teach Business on the floor above the the Sub Training Center is hilarious.

The character of Brie struck a cord with me, because I think I'm a lot like her...or at least I used to be a lot like her. I've also grown like she has - not in the same way, haha, but we're both much more open minded than before. So I guess I'm still like her. Brie had these preconceived notions of sex and what she thought it should be and what was "wrong" and "right" and the things she liked and didn't like. But you can't say you like or don't like something if you've never tried it. Sir gives Brie the opportunity to really get to know herself. And can I just say that I'm digging that particular character. I'm right there with Brie, completely intrigued by Sir.  I'm hooked. I recommend this to anyone that is into erotica. It's really short, like 35 pages long. Amazon currently has it for free, so I suggest you hurry over and get it! Get it! What are you waiting for!?

I don't know why I'm not giving this story 5 stars. Something is holding me back, but I have no idea what it could be - I have nothing negative to say. But I must follow my gut.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Accidental Stripper by Helen Cooper

Jenny is a college girl who decides to help out her best friend Katie by subbing for her one night at a strip club. While Jenny had no clue what she was in for at the club, she did have the time of her life.


Thank goodness it's over! Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. The idea, the story itself, it wasn't bad. Actually I enjoyed it. Unfortunately all of the spelling, grammar, and random mistakes killed it for me. I cannot get into a story, and go into this world, if there's an issue on every page. For example, Ben told Jenny to go wonder around...WONDER. It's Wander. Jenny blew a SIGN of relief, and bit her lap instead of  her LIP. Oh! and Ben whispered in Jenny's EYE.

On top of all of that, the story kinda lost me towards the end, and I'll explain why. This is a veeeery short story (thank goodness) and so there is only one sex scene. Now, I was really digging the scene - you know, aside from all the horrid grammar issues - and then the characters/author decide to bring up the fact that they don't have any protection. Now, there is two options when writing any sex scene; the first is to not bring up babies or STDs or any of that stuff. Even though the writer is trying to make the characters and the scenario as real as possible, there's still this element of fantasy. So we as readers know that if the author doesn't mention it, then we don't acknowledge it. It's as if it doesn't exist in that particular world. The other option is to bring it up and tackle it head on. Personally, I don't have a preference, I'm ok with either way. My problem in this case, was that the characters were so worried about having unprotected sex for fear of Jenny getting pregnant; the words "becoming pregnant" were used like three times in 2 sentences. And then after making the reader so aware, they decide to fuck anyway. The reader is slapped with the reality that Jenny could have just caught an STD or gotten pregnant. You think things like, "Well, I hope she gets the morning after pill." These are things that we don't want to think about when reading an erotic story. And then on top of that, there's only a few sentences left of the story after that happens. So you finish the novella and you never had a chance to get back into the story.

It's like having sex with someone and they cum and just stop, with no consideration for the fact that you're not done. Next thing you know, they're out the door and you have no idea what the hell just happened. ...I guess I just got screwed.

The Accidental Stripper does receive the favorite line award, though. "She knew that going forward she was never going to date a guy who didn’t eat her out."

The premise of the story saved this rating, and the fact that it was so short there just wasn't enough time to ruin it more.

Connections by Selena Kitt

In the bygone days before cell phones, lonely Cathy, college dropout, works in a grocery store and makes completely random phone calls to strangers just to make a human connection. When a strange coincidence forces her to actually speak to the person on the other end of the phone, she's suddenly thrust back into the world, with all its vulnerability. Will Seth be able to draw Cathy back into the land of the living?


Wow. Bizarre. I've never read anything like this before. Very odd story. Fascinating. Personally, I don't think the blurb gives it justice. I can't even put together sentences to describe this story, my brain just keeps giving me the same adjectives. And I do not mean that in a bad way. When I first started reading this (very short) novella, I was confused by Cathy's actions. Why does she randomly call people? And if you read this, you'll see it goes a little beyond that. I found her actions bizarre. But then as the story progressed I felt such a deep sadness for her. I think it resonated with me on a deeper level that I care to admit. When Cathy and Seth finally meet is so cute. Flirty fun is what came to mind. This is a very very short read and it only had one sex scene which surprised me because since it's an erotica, I assumed there would be more. But I am not complaining at all! That scene was perfect. Selena Kitt didn't just write it because she needed to, you can clearly see - and expect - it to happen. And the way it happened was 100% true to the characters. I was intrigued and in awe and at the end of it, all I could think was, "Damn, I wish my first time had been like that!"

Selena Kitt, I must read more of your stories. I need to know if this was an anomaly.

Also, you can now get this story for free on Amazon. It is part of the Best Sellerst list for erotica. So you definitely have no excuse - check it out!

This story is the reason why I read.

Sugar Shack by Paisley Scott

Ten years ago, Catherine Bennett said good-bye to her fiancé, Luke MacKenzie, and his maple farm in Vermont. She wanted to be somebody. She wanted to break out of a small town existence and live the city life. But the higher she flew, the less satisfied she was, in love and life. She had left her heart behind. And she'd never forgotten the sizzling sex with blond-haired, muscular Luke.

Now, when her job takes her back home to Vermont, old feelings flame to life. But is Luke still interested? Is he married? And can he ever forgive her for leaving him so long ago? Only one thing's for sure; there's still an attraction...


We're coming back strong! This is not the first Paisley Scott story I've read - I'm a huge fan of Secret Santa 4U. I was expecting something great and she did not let me down, I was instantly hooked. I was intrigued by Catherine and curious about where the story was headed and how these two characters were going to meet up again.This being an erotic novella I was expecting it to sizzle and boy did it sizzle! Those scenes were done so well, and I honestly enjoyed the story as a whole - not just the sex scenes. My only issue (if it can be called that) was that it left me wanting more. Now this could just be because I did thoroughly enjoy the story and the characters, but I felt like I wanted to see them interact more with each other outside of the bedroom. Since this is an erotic story, obviously that's where the main focus was. So I guess what I'm saying is, if it would have been done as a novel, then we would have had more scenes outside of the bedroom and it would have been an even better experience for the readers.

I would also like to give the memorable mention award to Nita Graham; she only appeared briefly in the beginning of the story but I really liked her and her interaction with Catherine. Again, maybe if the story had been longer, we would have seen more of her. That would have been great.

I should also mention that this story is currently #1 on Amazon's Best Sellers for erotica, and they are currently offering the kindle version for free. So this would be a great time to check it out. ;)

Great writing, great characters, great story. Paisley Scott = Great!