"A room without books is like a body without a soul." - Cicero

Monday, December 15, 2008

Secret Desires by Stormy Glenn

If you haven't noticed by the cover, this is not only an erotic love story (meaning no person under 18 should read this), but it's also a M/M/M (Male on Male ON Male). But you're all smart cookies and saw the Menage Amour at the top.

Anyway, this story is about when an alpha male (Jake), the leader of a gay werewolf pack stumbles upon his mate. Being gay, Jake wasn't aware that he still had a mate out in the world somewhere and was extremely surprised when he found Leyland-an omega.

There was one small problem, for the last ten years Jake had been involved with his right hand man (no pun intended...maybe) Lucas, who he was in love with. Now these two lovers had to call a quits to their affair because they both knew what having a mate meant.

Come to find out that not only is Leyland Jake's mate, but turns out he's also Lucas' (a beta) mate. Can Jake and Lucas learn to share, or is one of them doomed to lose both their mate and the man they love? Can Leyland become part of these men's life or will he just be a third wheel, afterall, Jake and Lucas love eachother, why would they want Leyland.

Well let me just say that this is my first time reading a gay romance, and it's also my first time reading an erotic gay romance, and obviously a M/M/M as well. I couldn't have picked a better book to read! It's a quick read, a little over 100 pages. The story is extremely fascinating, and the characters are great. Besides loving each of the characters for what they each brought to the story, I especially liked the dialogue during the sex scenes. Never have I had so much fun reading a sex scene! They were cute, sweet, erotic, and funny as hell! They also made me blush a little, hehe. So I say, get this e-book and indulge in a little Brokeback Mountain fantasy.

5 Steamy Stars

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Second Chances by Christle Gray

This is the story of two people who fall madly in love-at first sight. Kristin, a widow for the last 3 years, is reluctant to start any relationship. Especially one with David McDougal, actor, [supposedly] engaged to London's sweetheart Sophie Miller. Can Kristin overcome her life long insecurities? Can David get his life in order without forever ruining his career? Will love conquer all?

A great e-book, one I will put on my virtual keeper shelf! After finishing it, all I wanted to do was read it over. The story is beautiful, the characters are described so well that you can easily see them in your mind's eye. And anyone who read this book will want a Scottsman of their own. I know I do. So I say, get your butts in gear and buy Second Chances!

I also want to take the time to announce that the cover for Second Chances has been nominated for best cover over at The Author's Lounge. Before I read the book I thought it was a very nice cover, and after reading it I find I love the cover even more! Personally, I hate book covers that don't really have anything to do with the story. There has even been a few times where the female on the cover has had a different hair color than the heroine in the story (eek!). Not this cover. I wouldn't be surprised if the artist, Shirley Burnett, read the book beforehand, it goes that well with the story.

Whether Shirley Burnett read it, or Christle Gray just did a bang-up job describing it to her, this cover deserves to win. You could...should vote for this here.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Moonlit Dream by Crystal-Rain Love

The first thing I'm going to say about this e-book is that you HAVE HAVE HAVE to buy it! It is a beautiful romance story, you instantly fall in love with the characters.

It's the story of two soul mates, one is a werewolf, the other is human. They must jump over numerous hurdles to be together...their past, their future, other werewolves, the pack leader, certain insecurities. It's all there, and they must deal with it all before the end of the full moon.

Crystal-Rain Love did a great job incorporating the werewolves into the story, it doesn't seem forced, or far-fetched. The story had a nice flow to it, and last 10 pages picks up the momentum taking you along for an extraordinary ride. I'll admit it, I cried. A moving story, so glad I read this ASAP...you should too. Read it, you will NOT regret it!

There are not enough stars for this e-book, I would give it another 5 easily.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Meet Me In Fantasyland by Mary Martinez

If you want a cute, funny and charming story, this is the story for you! Also if you want a quick read, this is also the story for you. Meet Me In Fantasyland is the story of-shall we say-two people destined to be together. Rissa and Rob were childhood friends, best friends, until Rob moved away the summer before they went off to college. Rob had always been in love with Rissa, but Rissa was oblivious of his feelings.

Now, almost 25 years later, Rissa is going through a divorce, and in the middle of clearing out her soon to be, ex-husband's possessions, she stumbles across her old diary. A diary that stated Rissa and Rob were to meet 25 years later at the bridge leading to Cinderella's Castle in Disney World.

Should Rissa go? will Rob show up? Will he have a family? Those were the questions Rissa asked her herself as she made her mind up.

Did he show up? Was he still in love with her? Did she finally see him the way he saw her all those years ago? I guess you'll have to buy this e-book and find out for yourself. A cutesy story...

...lost half a star because I felt it moved a little bit too quick.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Death Perception by Victoria Laurie

This is the 6th book in the Psychic Eye Mystery series which follows the life of Abigail Cooper, a professional psychic with her own business. This book tells the story of Abby going to Vegas with her FBI boyfriend Dutch in search of Dutch's cousin Chase who was kidnapped along with the man Chase was body guarding. Once Abby and Dutch arrive in sin city, all sorts of chaos ensues; from Dutch getting-what everyone thought was-food poisoning, to Dutch's sudden disappearance, to Abby becoming a fugitive of the FBI.

The book also features some of our favorite secondary characters (Abby's sister Cat, and Abby's PI friend and suitemate Candace). Although I feel that Cat's character was slightly altered in personality from previous books, she still has an annoying quality to her that makes her endearing.

Death Perception, though the 6th book in the series, can also be read as a stand alone. Of course you'll be missing some of the background info on the characters, and you may not have as deep a connection with them as someone whose read the other books, but they aren't imperative to the story. Be forewarned, the first 50 pages are a bit hard to get through, they are a bit boring, and I admit I may have put the book aside but didn't because I've invested a lot in these characters and I hoped it would get better.

And I was not wrong, once you get passed the 50 page mark things get out of control-in a good way. You'll eventually refuse to put the book down and will find yourself hooked. With more than one twist to the story, and the back to back action, you will be more than happy you stuck through.

Overall a great book! I can't wait till the next installment.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Up in Smoke by Katie MacAlister

I just wanted to take a few minutes of my time and write about Up in Smoke by Katie MacAlister. It's the second book in her Silver Dragon series (which I guess stems from the Aisling Grey/Green Dragon series). It came out about 2 weeks ago, and I finished reading it a few days ago, and I want to burst! It left me in suspense, and I don't know how long till the next part comes out.

Anyway, if you haven't read this series (or the Aisling Grey) you really should. It's got your paranormals (Dragons, Guardians, Demons, Imps, Doppelgangers, etc.), it's got romance (really yummy sex scenes too, hehe). The books are just great, I also like the way she communicates with the readers. She writes in first person, and talks to us, not as if she were telling a story that already happened, but more as if we were there, and she's just making comments about what's going on, and what she's thinking.

Here's a little bit about Up in Smoke (I wont spoil anything I promise)

It continues about 6 months after May (a doppelganger and a wyvern's mate to Gabriel, wyvern of the silver dragons) sacrifices herself for Gabriel and the sept, and ends up stuck in Abaddon becoming a consort to the demon she was bound to when she was first created. So May and Gabriel have to figure out how to get her out of Abaddon without releasing the demon to the mortal world. Of course in between all of this there's a whole bunch of drama involving dragon politics. With the Black dragon trying to make their sept official again, and fighting with the Silver dragons (because there's some history between both septs, which I wont talk about), the Blue dragons are in the middle of a civil war with eachother, the leader of the Red dragons is stuck somewhere in Abaddon (I won't say how she got there, but I will say it happened in the Aisling Grey series), and so on and so forth. It sounds a bit overwhelming, but trust me, it's all laid out neatly.

So come on folks, hop to it, buy the book, read it. Support this great author, who wants her book to do well.