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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Secret Santa 4 U by Paisley Scott

It's Christmas time again, the time of year that makes 33 year-old librarian Sophie Mulligan feel the loneliest. The holidays are a constant reminder that no matter what, she can never say the right thing to men.

After a little coercing from her neighbor and friend, Brody, Sophie joins a dating site. At first her luck does not seem to be going well, but after she has a talk with Brody who insists she change her screen name from LibraryLass to HotLibrarian, her luck changes.

Moments after entering the 30-Somethings chat room, Sophie spots a person under the moniker SecretSanta4U. Amused, she messages him. Sophie is instantly deflated as the conversation heads in the same direction it always does, sex. But she heeds her friend's words from earlier and decides to loosen up and have a little fun.

The end result: One steamy cyber session.

Sophie is instantly hooked. She's attracted to this man whom she has never met, and is having the most sex she has had in a long time. It all seems perfect, except for the fact that it's all cyber. But that all changes on Christmas Eve when a blizzard brings SecretSanta4U to her door.

What can I say about this story? It's short, about 39 pages. And in my opinion, every page is freaking gold! I didn't know that a story that short could be so filling, so gratifying. It felt like a full length novel, with enough character information to really see them in your mind's eye and enough...well...enough everything. Not a word was wasted.

Paisley Scott, remember that name, she's gonna be big!


Christle Gray said...

I read this last year and LOVED it! She has another one called Sugar Shack that will make you never see hot chocolate in the same way again! Check it out!

Paisley Scott said...

Wow, Saturnmoonie! What a happy surprise! You made my day. I'm so happy you enjoyed Secret Santa 4U and shared your review. Thanks a million! ;-)
*Many hugs*

SaturnMoonie said...

Yes, I noticed, and I was going to check it out. Hehe. Thanks Christle.

Paisley, I was going to email you tonight, lol. I feel bad because it took me almost a year to read it! I won this last year in Rain's contest (don't know if you remember) and my TBR pile was so huge I didn't get to it till December. Perfect timing if I do say so myself. :P

I've been so busy working on my own stories that I didn't have time to post anything on here.

But I'm so glad I won this story, and it was worth the wait. :D

Paisley Scott said...

Congrats on the win! I remember that contest. And hey, busy writing your own stories is a totally valid excuse! ;-) Besides, you said the wait was worth it and that's like gold to me! Thanks again - so much and best of luck with your writing! Let me know when your work is out!