"A room without books is like a body without a soul." - Cicero

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back by Sariah Wilson

Everyone knows how all those fairy tales go. The princess gets beautiful, nabs her prince, falls instantly in love, lives happily ever after and leaves her evil stepsisters in the dust.

But what happens when you’re the ugly stepsister and your obnoxiously perfect—read pretty, smart, and, worst of all, sickeningly nice—stepsister is dating the charming, tall, devastatingly handsome guy you’ve had a thing for since you were nine years old?

Quirky, artistic and snarky Mattie Lowe does not lead a charmed life. Her mother is constantly belittling her on Skype. Mercedes, the school mean girl, has made it her personal mission to torment Mattie. But worst of all? Her stepsister Ella is the most beautiful, popular girl in school and is dating Mattie’s secret longtime crush, Jake Kingston.

Tired of being left out and done with waiting for her own stupid fairy godmother to show up, Mattie decides to change her life. She’ll start by running for senior class president against wildly popular Jake.

Ella can keep her Prince Annoying. Mattie’s going to rule the school.

And no one, not even a cute and suddenly flirty Jake, is going to stop her.


I don't even know where to start...this book is phenomenal!!! I haven't read a YA in years. I got it because it was free and the blurb sounded interesting enough. I went in thinking I knew how the story was going to be, and boy was I wrong! It's like one of those epic 80's movies...but set today. And I don't mean that it was super cheesy or anything like that...it was just this sweet yet angsty, beautiful, perfect piece of work. The characters were perfect, the story was perfect, it was just sooo perfect. I know I'm repeating myself, but there isn't much I can say right now, I'm still on such a high from reading this book. I'm probably going to read it again right after I post this! I'm not ready to leave Sariah Wilson's world or her characters. I wish I could find the perfect adjectives to describe my feelings toward her book, because I really want to send her a fan letter and just gush about what a rare treat this was for me. I'm a fan, 100%. I will buy and read every book she puts out. Bravo, fantastic, outstanding, extrordinary - that enough adjectives for you people? But seriously, this story spoke to me on so many different levels...a lot of them personal, so I'm not going to talk about them here. It truly is a wonderful read and I recommend this to everyone. Everyone should read this book; moms, dads, daughters, heck read it to your cat! Just read it, the world needs to be aware of this book and this author.

I knew halfway through the book that I was going to give it 5 stars. The moment she mentioned Sailor Moon, I knew. Anybody that mentions Sailor Moon in their story automatically gets 5 stars from me. ;-)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The New Girl by Meg Silver

Amanda's sexual adventures continue at the fantasy fulfillment camp. She's learning the ropes, trying new roles, and discovering the many perks that come along with the job...


This is the second installment in the Fantasy Heights series. Amanda is still working at the resort, and we're privy to more of her sexual adventures. She is quickly becoming a favorite among the clientele, going from handmaiden to queen in her client's fantasies. But not only is she a favorite among the clients, her co-workers have also noticed and a few have taken interest in her. Of course I do mean Thomas, he wants her, but won't allow himself to have her. And likewise, Amanda wants Thomas, but does not want to give in to her urges. She suspects if her and Thomas get sexually involved (more so than the fantasies they have been fulfilling together) that something is going to happen. Personally, I can't wait to see what that something is!

I'm hooked, I'm definitely getting the 3rd part soon. I forget that these are such short reads until I finish the book. Meg Silver knows how to pack a lot of information in a few pages and not overwhelm you. Furthermore, she has this really good talent for writing really hot sex scenes but they never seem vulgar. I highly recommend this series, there's not much I can say except it's really good and I'm really digging it.

Fat Kills by K. Reid

Mia Nickole Rose is a beautiful, full-figured, witty, aspiring songstress who feels stuck in her unfulfilling life. A struggling artist in Washington D.C.’s metropolitan area desperate to make ends meet, Mia’s life spirals horrifyingly out of control, deep into a world of insanity and murder when she is invited to a party that she will never forget. She is offered an ultimatum and, in exchange for her life, takes on a job working for a serial killer hell-bent on vengeance. Mia’s struggles with her finances and self-esteem become minute, while she focuses to stay sane, unharmed and alive.

Mia’s new “employer” will stop at nothing to keep her in his grasp. While the soundtrack of her life plays in the background, Mia is forced to distance herself from family, friends and even the love of her life in order to protect them from her hidden secrets.


A co-worker of mine told me about this book and suggested I read it. She made it sound really crazy and really interesting...

Halfway through the first chapter I thought that I had been punked. Nothing had happened, the story seemed to be dragging and I wasn't too keen on the writing. For starters, my co-worker did not tell me this was set in  an urban world with urban lingo and slang. Thankfully, I grew up in ghetto so I understood about 99% of the words used. I mention it as a warning to others who may want to read this book, that they talk really fresh and not everyone will understand the lingo. Another problem I had while reading the first chapter was the writing itself. A lot of writers talk about "showing not telling" and I feel like there was a lot of telling. There was a sex scene and even though the author used profanity and whatnot, the whole scene still felt sort of clinical to me. It didn't sizzle, and since I read a lot of erotica, I expect sex scenes to give off something. It didn't, it was boring, like the first chapter. I will say this, I found a lot of things to be really funny, and I'm sure the author didn't intend them to be funny, but the way she worded certain things just had me cracking up!

Little did I know that when I started this book, I had climbed aboard one hell of crazy train. Once I got to chapter two, everything changed. The writing was much better and the story picked up its pace. And oh my word, things got weird quick! Chapter by chapter you see this crazy serial killer slowly unravel more and more and more, and you think it isn't  possible because he was pretty unhinged to begin with...but boy this guy is truly insane! And in the midst of all this killing and torture, you have one sweet, innocent character, living in the middle of it all.

I'm not a fan of spoilers, so I won't get into details, but K. Reid has one sick ass mind! LOL.When you think things can't get worse for poor Mia, it does. The things she is forced to do...it's unbelievable! One scene in particular had me tearing up, it was just heartbreaking for all the people involved.

There is one last thing that I wasn't too happy with, and that was the ending. The author builds this story and this world and I feel like the very ending did not fit. It left me confused. I understood what happened, it just didn't seem believable in the world she created.

The award for seriously funny line that wasn't supposed to be funny goes to: "As she swallowed his potential kids..." HAHAHA cracks me up every time!

Overall I was pleasantly surprised considering the beginning, and very impressed with the murders and tortures.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Brie Learns Her Power as a Submissive by Red Phoenix

Brie's third day of submissive training is a hot sexy mess. She has no idea that her actions from the day before have serious consequences. Training becomes intense, stretching Brie in ways she could never imagine as the trainers determine whether she should remain in the program. In the midst of the turmoil, Brie comes to understand her true power as a submissive.

This is the third installment in the Brie series, and it's as good as the first two parts. I like that each novelette is a day of Brie's training. That way the reader doesn't miss anything, because the characters didn't have a moment "off stage". So far this series sizzles! I am completely into this story and its characters, especially Brie and all of the Doms Brie has been with. Red Phoenix paints each men vividly, and they're all so different with different kinks. I gotta say, she knows how to write a sex scene - never feel skeezy when I read her work.

Not much to say that hasn't already been said in the first two blogs for this series. Keep em comin' Red!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Taken by Selena Kitt

Lizzy's friendship with her older boss, Sarah, turns into something deeper and much more exciting one rainy day after work, and Lizzy finds herself drawn into a world she never knew existed. Sarah has a dominant streak, and as she leads Lizzy into the role of a submissive, the two women become closer than they ever thought possible. But while Sarah, hurt too many times, wears a ring, and tells guys she's "taken," Lizzy knows she secretly longs for a man. Determined to find one for them both to share, Lizzy is just about to give up when a dark, handsome, virile answer shows up right under her nose. Lizzy may think she and Sarah are going to seduce David--but she underestimates their handsome co-worker, and David turns the tables on them both. But will he be able to tame the untameable Sarah?


This is the second Selena Kitt book I've read and I've gotta tell you, she is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. I seem to go in knowing what the story is about, I do read the blurbs, but somehow it's even more special than the blurb lets on. She seems to have this knack of creating really unique stories and Taken was no exception. I was instantly captivated by Lizzy and Sarah's relationship; and though at first David didn't seem like an interesting character, as the story progressed I became more and more intrigued by him. 

If you haven't realized by the cover, this is an erotic story and those scenes are pretty darn steamy! Especially when Lizzy, Sarah, and David all get together. Wow! That was something special.

I will admit, I was sad that the story ended, and the way that it did. Every page that you read of this book, hooks you in just a little bit more; you want more and more and more, and then it's just over. I was left feeling confused and sad by the way it ended. I would have liked to have had some more closure...maybe an epilogue with the characters 5 or 10 years later. But even with the ending...even though I wasn't 100% satisfied with it, in a way I also was. It made me cry! I love books that make me cry. 

So Selena Kitt, you officially have a new fan.   

Because it left me longing for something...