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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fat Kills by K. Reid

Mia Nickole Rose is a beautiful, full-figured, witty, aspiring songstress who feels stuck in her unfulfilling life. A struggling artist in Washington D.C.’s metropolitan area desperate to make ends meet, Mia’s life spirals horrifyingly out of control, deep into a world of insanity and murder when she is invited to a party that she will never forget. She is offered an ultimatum and, in exchange for her life, takes on a job working for a serial killer hell-bent on vengeance. Mia’s struggles with her finances and self-esteem become minute, while she focuses to stay sane, unharmed and alive.

Mia’s new “employer” will stop at nothing to keep her in his grasp. While the soundtrack of her life plays in the background, Mia is forced to distance herself from family, friends and even the love of her life in order to protect them from her hidden secrets.


A co-worker of mine told me about this book and suggested I read it. She made it sound really crazy and really interesting...

Halfway through the first chapter I thought that I had been punked. Nothing had happened, the story seemed to be dragging and I wasn't too keen on the writing. For starters, my co-worker did not tell me this was set in  an urban world with urban lingo and slang. Thankfully, I grew up in ghetto so I understood about 99% of the words used. I mention it as a warning to others who may want to read this book, that they talk really fresh and not everyone will understand the lingo. Another problem I had while reading the first chapter was the writing itself. A lot of writers talk about "showing not telling" and I feel like there was a lot of telling. There was a sex scene and even though the author used profanity and whatnot, the whole scene still felt sort of clinical to me. It didn't sizzle, and since I read a lot of erotica, I expect sex scenes to give off something. It didn't, it was boring, like the first chapter. I will say this, I found a lot of things to be really funny, and I'm sure the author didn't intend them to be funny, but the way she worded certain things just had me cracking up!

Little did I know that when I started this book, I had climbed aboard one hell of crazy train. Once I got to chapter two, everything changed. The writing was much better and the story picked up its pace. And oh my word, things got weird quick! Chapter by chapter you see this crazy serial killer slowly unravel more and more and more, and you think it isn't  possible because he was pretty unhinged to begin with...but boy this guy is truly insane! And in the midst of all this killing and torture, you have one sweet, innocent character, living in the middle of it all.

I'm not a fan of spoilers, so I won't get into details, but K. Reid has one sick ass mind! LOL.When you think things can't get worse for poor Mia, it does. The things she is forced to do...it's unbelievable! One scene in particular had me tearing up, it was just heartbreaking for all the people involved.

There is one last thing that I wasn't too happy with, and that was the ending. The author builds this story and this world and I feel like the very ending did not fit. It left me confused. I understood what happened, it just didn't seem believable in the world she created.

The award for seriously funny line that wasn't supposed to be funny goes to: "As she swallowed his potential kids..." HAHAHA cracks me up every time!

Overall I was pleasantly surprised considering the beginning, and very impressed with the murders and tortures.

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