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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The New Girl by Meg Silver

Amanda's sexual adventures continue at the fantasy fulfillment camp. She's learning the ropes, trying new roles, and discovering the many perks that come along with the job...


This is the second installment in the Fantasy Heights series. Amanda is still working at the resort, and we're privy to more of her sexual adventures. She is quickly becoming a favorite among the clientele, going from handmaiden to queen in her client's fantasies. But not only is she a favorite among the clients, her co-workers have also noticed and a few have taken interest in her. Of course I do mean Thomas, he wants her, but won't allow himself to have her. And likewise, Amanda wants Thomas, but does not want to give in to her urges. She suspects if her and Thomas get sexually involved (more so than the fantasies they have been fulfilling together) that something is going to happen. Personally, I can't wait to see what that something is!

I'm hooked, I'm definitely getting the 3rd part soon. I forget that these are such short reads until I finish the book. Meg Silver knows how to pack a lot of information in a few pages and not overwhelm you. Furthermore, she has this really good talent for writing really hot sex scenes but they never seem vulgar. I highly recommend this series, there's not much I can say except it's really good and I'm really digging it.

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