"A room without books is like a body without a soul." - Cicero

Friday, April 17, 2009

A Sure Thing by Brit Blaise

Cara Thomas, voluptuous redhead needs to get laid. When her best friend arranges “a sure thing” with her cooking instructor, Chef Mike Nichols, Cara decides to go for it even though she has to take a cooking class and can’t cook worth a damn. Things quickly get hot and not necessarily in the kitchen, though food is involved, as they both realize that just maybe, this is more than A Sure Thing.

If I would have known this book was going to be this good I would have read it sooner! It’s such a cute story. I love Cara, I love that she can’t cook, I love that she’s a size 16, and especially that she’s a redhead (I find redheads exotic).

Chef Mike, is yummy with a capitol YUMMY. He sounds like my dream guy. A bit of a man’s man, but with a soft mushy heart. Sexually adventurous with no qualms about using his precious food as foreplay. Where can I get me one of those!?

A love-at-first-sight novel that warms your heart, and steams your glasses (for those who wear glasses). LOVED IT!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hex Appeal by Linda Wisdom

Hex Appeal by Linda Wisdom is the the sequel to 50 Ways To Hex Your Lover. It continues Jazz's story; a 719 year-old witch living in the mortal world trying to live her life as normal as a witch can live it. It picks up a few months after Jazz and Nick (her on again off again vampire boyfriend) destroy Clive Reeves (the bad guy in 50 Ways...) Jazz is trying to make her relationship with Nick work, while trying to adjust to the additions in her household.

Irma, her ghostly friend which haunted her T-bird convertible for the last fifty years, who--thanks to Jazz--was free of the passenger side of the car, moves into the carriage house where she demands more and more luxuries by the day, and even ends up with her own pet. A ghost dog that slobbers ectoplasmic drool. Jazz also gets a new pair of hexy shoes, a pair of crocodile stilettos named Croc and Delilah who have an affinity to cosmetics. Her mortal roommate, Krebs, starts dating his vampire client, and Fluff and Puff (her hexy bunny slippers) have been accused of eating a wereweasel and Jazz has no choice but to lock them up until she can prove their innocence. If that isn't enough, she begins to have awful nightmares, and certain enemies from her past reappear in her life. And all she wants to do is get hot and heavy with her man.

I love this series! All the characters, even the secondary characters and villains are awesome. They've very detailed, they're very original and I love what Linda does. Kudos for creating such a fun world. So many things happen to poor Jazz, one on top of the other, yet she stays strong (cept for that one time she woke up a mortal...) through it all. She never gives up, and she always ends up on top. Even if her sentence on earth keeps getting longer... She's a kick-ass heroine I would love to channel.