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Friday, April 17, 2009

A Sure Thing by Brit Blaise

Cara Thomas, voluptuous redhead needs to get laid. When her best friend arranges “a sure thing” with her cooking instructor, Chef Mike Nichols, Cara decides to go for it even though she has to take a cooking class and can’t cook worth a damn. Things quickly get hot and not necessarily in the kitchen, though food is involved, as they both realize that just maybe, this is more than A Sure Thing.

If I would have known this book was going to be this good I would have read it sooner! It’s such a cute story. I love Cara, I love that she can’t cook, I love that she’s a size 16, and especially that she’s a redhead (I find redheads exotic).

Chef Mike, is yummy with a capitol YUMMY. He sounds like my dream guy. A bit of a man’s man, but with a soft mushy heart. Sexually adventurous with no qualms about using his precious food as foreplay. Where can I get me one of those!?

A love-at-first-sight novel that warms your heart, and steams your glasses (for those who wear glasses). LOVED IT!

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Brit Blaise said...

Well bless your sweet heart! If you liked Cara, you'd like my heroine from Slayer's Inc. She's my all time fav. My treat to you for this marvelous review. Just email me at britblaise@gmail.com and I email you a copy.

And yes, I'd like to have my own personal Chef Mike too...