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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Club Rook: Episode 3 - Temperance Interrupted by Noel Meredith, Erzabet Bishop, Skye Montague, Brianne DiMarco, Jennifer DiMarco (Editor)

Demons. Angels. And strippers... Oh my! Enter the exclusive world of Club Rook, an erotic women's club... built over a portal to hell. Demons walk the streets but angels do, too, and which is which may surprise you. No other 500+ page novel is released in weekly installments of 10,000+ words each accompanied by a music video and original EDM/dubstep song. Watch and listen every Monday at http://clubrook.angelsofanarchy.com or buy the soundtrack now at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K2DM7SS/ 


Temperance is running around flirting with all the girls - love it! Each episode has developed each character a bit more, which I really enjoyed. I'm starting to know them, some better than others. The Forest of Suicides was an interesting idea, and I would have loved to know more about it. Hoping they revisit that world in future episodes. Plus I'm all for harpies, which apparently live in the Forest of Suicides.

Part three of this serial was definitely better than part two, much MUCH better. Unfortunately, I've got hundreds of books to read and this serial did not pique my interest enough to continue with it. I'm positive things are going to get really good and interesting, I can tell, but I just don't have the patience to wait. Guess I'm more of an instant gratification kind of girl. But I do recommend you check it out if you don't mind episodic books.

I might revisit this serial in the future...

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