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Friday, June 6, 2014

Fangs Of Anarchy - Forbidden Alpha (Part 3) Were In The World Is Gannon Dodd? by Dakota Cassidy

While Irish McConnell and Claire Montgomery try to hide their sizzling attraction for one another, and in order to keep the peace between his vampire clan and her werewolf pack, Claire begins to dig deeper into the mystery surrounding the very bad thing she's done (it's really bad!) based on a rather obscure clue.

To follow the clue, she makes plans to immerse herself in a place Irish would never allow her to go into alone, but in an effort to keep him out of her troubles with her pack, Claire makes a choice that could end up getting her killed.

But Irish has his hands full, too, because his efforts to protect Claire have gone very awry... 


Warning: This is the 3 episode in the Fangs Of Anarchy serial, there may be a spoiler or two if you haven't read the first two books so continue at your own risk.

It's official, I HATE evil music cues! I am not cut out to read serials, the cliffhangers are slowly taking away years from my life. But like hell if you think I'm going to stop now. Fangs Of Anarchy has me hooked and I am Dakota Cassidy's bitch. I will read and torture myself every time a new installment comes out. It's THAT good.

In the last review for Fangs Of Anarchy, I mentioned my disappointment at not having a sex scene. Well it's like Dakota heard me because this book had a pleasant *wink* love making scene that I was very happy about.

This installment served more to move the story along, build us up, give us more questions; no real answers here. We still don't know who it was that drove Claire off the road - though we can all take a good guess. We don't know who Claire thought was going to be at the lighthouse - though I personally have a theory on who it was and how it's tied to Gannon. And this book's cliffhanger is probably the worst one yet! It's not that something happens per se...it's more like a certain main character doesn't know what's going on and we don't know either! And then it ends, and now we're stuck waiting for the next installment to find out what is going on. Is someone in danger? Is someone taking a nap somewhere? We don't know! And what's worse, something goes missing! Well actually, you could say two things go missing...but maybe one of those things isn't missing...WE DON'T KNOW!

Eagerly awaiting the next part!

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