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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Moonlit Watcher by Crystal-Rain Love

Finally! A new Crystal-Rain Love book. Moonlit Watcher is the sequel to Moonlit Dream.

Derek Kingston is a badass werewolf. He needs nothing from no one, except a good fuck every once in a while. And he never fucks humans.

Until he meets Juliana Van Alder, delicate ballerina. The last thing Derek needs is a delicate creature like her. He likes his women tough. He likes to be rough, surely he would break this prim and proper dancer in half. Unfortunately faith has decided that Juliana is Derek's soul mate and the full moon is approaching. No werewolf has ever been able to ignore the pull of the full moon to give a moon vow to his soul mate. But Derek is damn determined to beat it.

Maybe he shouldn't have slept with her then? I swear, men always thinking with their penises. When will they learn that once is never enough?

Derek and Juliana get closer, even when Derek fights against it. In the end her learns not to fight with destiny. And he also learns that Juliana is more than just a delicate ballerina.

Duuuuuude, I was just gonna read the first five pages and go to bed, but I ended up just reading the whole thing. It's a short read, but a great story. If you've read my previous reviews, you know I'm a huge fan of Crystal-Rain Love. She has such an amazing gift for storytelling, I'm quite envious and damn proud to be able to call her my friend. Her words flow so easily from the page. Even though the story is short you feel completely full at the end, yet you're left wanting more.

But when Crystal-Rain Love writes, you're always gonna want more. She's definitely one of my top five favorite authors of all time.

5 Big Giant Stars!


Christle Gray said...

I agree completely! I read this right after it came out and LOVED it!

Rain really is talented, isn't she?

I always tell her how jealous I am of her ability to tell such great stories and make her characters come so alive.

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Awwwww. You guys make me feel all worthy-like ( - ;

SaturnMoonie said...

It's the truth, girl!

And hey! As your first official fan, it's kinda my job. ;)

I almost hashtagged this comment. LMAO. Forgot I was on my blog and now yours.