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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Polanski Brothers: Home Of Eternal Rest by Dakota Cassidy

Spencer Polanski is an embalmer by trade. Gross right? Nah, it's not so bad. Know why? Because get this - she's also a vampire without a sense of smell. Convenient since she works as an embalmer, right? Spencer works in her family owned and run funeral parlor, but she's got a bit of a problem.

Detective Larkin McBride is Spencer's problem and it isn't just because he's delicious. Well, that doesn't help matters, but it's because curiously, he can read Spencer's every thought.

So what will Larkin do when Spencer's thinking about all these dead bodies showing up in her sleepy town and the possibility they were murdered by her own kind?


I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.

Let the torture begin (again)! I willingly hopped on the serial train once more. In my defense, this is Dakota Cassidy we're talking about. I think everyone knows by now how much I love her stuff. So I will willingly torture myself with serials - which I am not a fan of - because I love to read her stuff.

Now, this book is a re-release with some revisions made. I didn't read the original book which came out sometime between 2005-2008, so I'm brand new to the story. And I am already in love with the concept! A vampire that can't smell, who works at a funeral parlor as an embalmer, and a human detective who all of a sudden can read her every thought - it has Dakota's name written all over it! I don't know where she comes up with these ideas, but they are entertaining as hell. Combined with her witty, and flowy storytelling skills, you have an unforgettable read on your hands.

I already like Spencer Polanski's character. I like that she's very empathetic and caring, but she's also tough and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty (she better not be, she plays with dead people). And Mr. Hunky Hunk Larkin McBride is tough - as he should be, seeing as he's a detective - and dedicated to uncovering the truth. An honest man, who isn't going to let the fact that he can now read Spencer's thoughts freak him the hell out and stop him from getting to the bottom of his new found skill. And let's not forget the mystery of who is killing all these guys. Slight spoiler alert: It has vampire written all over it - puncture marks on the neck, but the victims still have blood, so what gives?

If the rest of this serial is as good as the first episode, I think I'm going to like this better than her Fangs Of Anarchy serial - and I loved that one!

Did I mention that Ms. Centuries Old Vampire is also a VIRGIN!?

Uncensored comments straight from Kindle Word.

  • These are not intended as stand-alone reads, and there will be cliffhangers. Not big ones. Just little ones. Swear it. So no throwing stuff at me - deal? - I wonder if she said that because of Fangs of Anarchy, lol. Those cliffhangers were the devil!
  • I love the name Spencer (PLL fan over here!)
  • I really like the blurb - it sounds fresh and hip, like it's a friend of mine talking directly to me. I almost wish the actual story was narrated in that same voice.
  • So how, when you were part of a clan of vampires legendary for sniffing out their life mates, were you supposed to find your Mr. Undead if you, Miss Undead, had a clinker of a nose? - How did your grandfather do it?
  • Spencer The Scentless Virgin Vampire - Now WHY isn't THAT the name of the serial!?!
  • Oooh, I love it when they make you feel gooey on the inside!
  • Spencer trying to stop thinking while saying all sorts of inappropriate things about the mind reading detective has got to be the funniest thing I've experienced all week.
  • Is blondie sniffing her? Is he thinking she's his mate? Cuz I want that hot mind reading detective to be her mate!
  • OMG, I'm loving the exchange between these two characters. It's hilarious cuz it's almost as if he's talking to two different people at once - between what she's saying out loud and what she's saying in her mind.
  • LOL, loaf of garlic bread. Oh, Dakota, how I love thy wit!
  • Oh my god, did he hear her from down there!? 
  • Of course he heard it, pendeja! He's either too much of a gentleman to point it out or is just too determined to get to the bottom of it to deal with the attraction part of this whole thing. 
  • Andrew perhaps? Or BLONDIE!!!
  • Ye-hea! I was wondering when things were gonna heat up. 

I'm on board Ms. Dakota. When does the next installment come out? What's taking so long!? I want to read it now. Now. NOW!

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