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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox

The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox is about, well an accidental demon slayer, of course. Lizzie Brown opens her front door on her thirtieth birthday to see her birth grandmother (who she has never met) at her doorstep. She looks nothing like a grandmother should look and pushes her way into Lizzie's house and her life. Along with her bossy attitude and her Kiss My Asphalt T-shirt, she seems to have brought along all sorts of crazy unusual things. One of them being the demon that comes out of Lizzie's toilet. After defeating the demon, Lizzie is dragged out of her home and her normal life, along with her (now) talking dog, and pulled into an unusual adventure. One filled with demons, imps, and sexy griffins. An adventure she wont soon forget.

I finally finished this book! I've been trying to read this book for months, but I kept having to put it down to review books that authors had asked me to read (not that it was bad, because if you've read my other reviews, they were all good), but I'm glad I was able to finally give this book the time it deserved. I loved it. I think it was brilliantly written, all the characters are quirky in their own unique way, and I love that. They're all fresh and unlike anything I've read in a loooong time. Lizzie is hilarious with her refusal to curse. I love her. And Gertie, and Ant Eater! I love them all. And of course, Dimitri too. He's an alpha male (yummy) but with a beautiful soft side...does that make him a gamma? Well whatever he is, he's yummy! Can't wait to read the next installment in this hot new series. Oh yeah, I love Pirate too! :D

Ok, I was going to end it there, but I have more things I loved. Like all the random spells (like the giggle spell, or the macarena spell, or how about the lost keys spell, and many many more), and all the roadkill (hehe poor Lizzie), the Smuckers jar was brilliant. The things Lizzie can do are very original too, and Angie set up such a strong world that I believe all the things Lizzie does. Ok, I'm done now. Take my stars Angie, you deserve them all!

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