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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mari's Men by Stormy Glenn

Mari's Men is the latest e-book by author Stormy Glenn. The story (which comes out tomorrow, Monday Feb. 9th) is about a woman (Mari) who is kidnapped by a Russian mobster while hiking. She is rescued by, not one, but two of the sexiest men she has ever seen. Brothers Cole and Bear have a special bond, unlike any brother out there. Besides being twins, they can talk telepathically and feel what the other is feeling. So it's no surprise that when Cole sees Mari and falls head over heels, that Bear does too. Knowing they were going to have to eventually share a woman, both brothers were prepared for it. But can Mari grasp the concept and be able to satisfy both sexually driven men?

Wow, this book was crazy. And I mean that in a good way. Every time I read one of Stormy's books, I think that she can't possibly fit any more sex into it than the last, and then she does! She had me blushing through half of the novel, and had me taking a few cold showers. The book is steamy hot! And the storyline is just as good as the sex, with interesting twists when you least expect it. A roller coaster ride worth taking!

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