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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sucker for Love by Kimberly Raye

Sucker for Love by Kimberly Raye is the 5th installment in the Dead-End Dating series. It stars Countess Lilliana Arrabella Guinevere de Marchette--Lil for short--a 500 year old born vampire. She runs a dating service in Manhattan for born and made vampires, weres, humans, and others.

A mountain of unpaid bills lead her into throwing a meet-and-greet of sorts for her clients. It's invitation only, unless you have lots of money. Unfortunately for Lil, an 800 year old warlock gets into the party and kidnaps her client--and friend--Esther Crutch. Now it's up to Lil to save Esther from a deadly ritual before it's too late; something that will be hard for her to do when she also has to keep her mother from slipping birth control pills into her mortal daughter-in-law's food, continue to run her business, keep her mortal assistant from finding out about their world, and keep her boyfriend from finding out she's even left NYC.

Wow, what an adventure that was! I'm a huge fan of both this series and its author. Kimberly Raye delivers a hilarious story, full of action, love and laughs. I love Lil, she's the opposite of what we're used to seeing in vampires. She loves clothes, loves to shop, and pink is her favorite color. She even turns into a pink bat! She's a born vampire but doesn't ask like it; she's not stuck up, she cares about all creatures (that includes mortals) and she wants love, something she's trying to get with her made vamp boyfriend, Ty.

A great series, a great book. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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