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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Taste Of Liberty by Lisa Pietsch

Sarah Stevens is back! Man, it feels so good to finally say that.

A Taste Of Liberty is the sequel to Lisa Pietsch's The Path To Freedom. If you read my review for The Path To Freedom you know that this a great freaking series and that I love Sarah Stevens and all her hunky friends.

This book picks up a few months after the end of the first. Sarah and the rest of the gang have a new assignment and a new bad guy. Vince has new competition as an old character makes a re-appearance in Sarah's life.

This book has it all, action, adventure, romance, humor, hot guys, hot girls, and guns. Come on, people! Doesn't get better than that. The bad guys are bad to the bone, the good guys are hot as hell, and the chemistry between Sarah and Vince sizzles through the virtual pages.

I'm telling you guys, go buy this book - www.SapphireBluePublishing.com you will not be disappointed. Lisa Pietsch has a knack for creating entertaining stories and characters so real you'll forget you're reading a book.

And isn't the cover gorgeous?

5 stars for Task 125.

5 stars for all the butt kicking.

5 stars for Vince, cuz he's yummy!

And 5 stars for Vince & Sarah cuz they're the perfect couple and we the readers want them together.


Lisa Pietsch said...

Thanks for the great review, Jen!
I'm glad you enjoyed the story. There are more on the way.

SaturnMoonie said...

You keep writing them and I'll keep reading them. :D