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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Faces of Fear by John Saul

Our main character is fifteen-year-old Alison Shaw.  Some may consider her an ugly duckling, but she is not one to wear designer clothing and sit in front of a mirror for hours applying a ton of makeup.

Beauty becomes very noticeable and common when her mother, Risa, marries Conrad Dun, a plastic surgeon, and is forced to move to Bel Air, where everyone is undergoing plastic surgery.

Conrad Dun has big plans for Alison Shaw and he is carefully planning his moves.  Mistakes are not acceptable and there will be consequences.

Soon, Alison and Risa discover dark secrets and motivates that could put them both in danger.


If you’re a fan of John Saul, you know how gruesome his novels can be.  I’ve read quite a few of John Saul’s books so this wouldn’t be my favorite. There may have been a few parts in the book that were a little predictable, but it was all written well.   I also liked his characters; very believable and I could envision them and the scenes they were in.

Who wouldn’t love to read a tale which was filled with suspense of a killer ripping out its victim’s organs and saving them for something remarkable?

After all the darkness throughout the book, the epilogue breaks away from all that, and it’s actually refreshing. ;-)

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