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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Right Wrong Number by Barbara Delinsky

Carly Kelly has just been presented with a life-changing business opportunity for tiny nursery and flower store, Plant People. But she only has four days to decide, which means she will most likely have to cancel her weekend trip away. She dials her friends to let them know, and excitedly launches into a speech about the opportunity. But when she pauses, a sexy, inquisitive stranger is on the other end, and he’s eager to hear about her store, her passions and her life. She’s dialed the wrong number--- and the man on the other end, with his deep voice, his charming jokes and his excellent advice, is a surprise she never expected…


What a delightful little read! I am enamored by it. It's so refreshing - the idea of "dialing" a wrong number. Little incidents like that is what we're missing with our new technology. ;-) I wanted more of this story, I wanted to know what happened next. It is extremely short - like 30 pages - something I wasn't aware of when I downloaded it. I really ought to pay more attention to things like that. All I know is that I was on such a high, and then the book ended, and I couldn't believe it! It was horrible, but great at the same time. I would love for Barbara Delinsky to write about what happens next, but if she doesn't I'm ok with it. I feel maybe this story was just to tease the readers of her talents; kind of show us what she can do. And for that I commend her; for getting me so into the story and so into these characters in such a short amount of time.
There was a grammatical error here and there...

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