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Thursday, July 31, 2014

100th Review Celebration - Giveaway! 2 Books by Sabrina York

It's been a long time coming, folks! 100 reviews. Had some rough years, a lot of hiatuses, name changes, lost all our readers; but we're back and we're strong and we're not going nowheres! It can only get better from here on out.

So in celebration of Book Verse's 100th review, and as a thank you to both new and returning readers, we are holding our very first raffle(s)! Squeee - am I the only excited one here? Free books, can I get a hellz yeah!? I went back and looked through the reviews from the last couple of months and picked a few of our 4 and 5 star rated books to give away. 

We have a total of four different books, by four different authors. I say this calls for a little author spotlight! So for the next four days, we will give you guys some general information on each author, some stalking links. And we'll also relay any special interactions we've had with them. Entering is super easy, just scroll down to the rafflecopter widget and follow the steps to get entries. We will be verifying entries, so no cheating! :)

We thank you again for your support and hope you'll stay with us for future reviews, author interviews, and other fun stuff!


Welcome to our 4th and final day of our 100th review celebration. Don't forget to enter the raffle for our day 1 prize - an ecopy of Balustrade by Mark Henry, day 2 - two ebooks by Dakota Cassidy, and day 3 - an ecopy of Unlovable by Cynthia St. Aubin. What better way to wrap things up than with the lady that set this whole celebration in motion; Her Royal Hotness herself, Sabrina York!

Sabrina's too hot for a real picture. ;)

About Sabrina (taken from her website): Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, writes naked erotic fiction for fans who like it hot, hard and balls-to-the-wall, and erotic romance and fantasy for readers who prefer a slow burn to passion. 

An award winning author of over 20 hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & sexy erotic romance to scorching BDSM.

I met Sabrina, I believe also through Mark Henry. In fact, it might have even been the same FB event where I met Cynthia - listen, I go to A LOT of events, I can't keep track of all of em' - don't judge me.

Sabrina seemed like a nice enough individual; her books looked good too. I added some to my TBR list. Then I started bumping into her a lot at different events, and shortly after meeting her I won one of her books. I'm a sucker for free books. I was excited, but I had so many other books I had to get through before I got to hers - I bumped it up as far up as I could, but with ARCs and other prior responsibilities (my word is my bond) her book had to wait. When I finally got around to it, I completely understood why she was known as Her Royal Hotness. But more than hot steamy reads, her books are intelligently written - because she's a smart lady - and if there's something I love more than a good sex scene, it's a well written book.

But Sabrina is so much more than her books, as I soon learned. She is an amazing individual. She's funny, she's nice, and so generous. She gives tiaras away, people! How much more generous can one get!? Oh, and she loves bacon. Anybody that loves bacon is top notch in my book.

She has quickly become one of my favorite authors and one of my favorite people.

Stalker Links:

Website: http://sabrinayork.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SabrinaYorkBooks
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sabrina_york
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/sabrinayork/
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/sabrina_york
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Sabrina-York/e/B00856PDEO/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

Today I will be gifting an Amazon kindle copy of Rebound. It's the first book in her Tryst Island series and the first book I read. Sabrina, the generous individual that she is, has also decided to donate a second ebook to the winner (see what I mean?) - winner's choice, as long as it's a single title. So go ahead and enter below.

And that's a wrap people! Thank you so much for participating, and don't forget all raffles will remain open for 7 days from the day they were first posted - so keep sharing, keep retweeting, and we'll see you during our next review. ;)

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Sabrina York said...

I am THRILLED to be your 100th review!!!!!!!!

Congratulations on an amazing run. Here's to hundreds more!

Sabrina York said...

And, may I say, what a lovely article.

I am truly touched by your kind words!


Tracey Parker said...

Happy 100th review!☆☆☆☆☆
What a great way to end the celebration! I have read a couple of her books and LOVED them! I have always been interested in The Tryst Series. Just so many great books that she has out! Thank you for the chance!
Woo hoo Sabrina!♡♡

SaturnMoonie said...

Sabrina - "I am THRILLED to be your 100th..." said no guy ever. :P Dunno why that popped into my head. <3

Tracey - Thank you! And good luck, I hope you win! :D

pansypetal said...

I so agree - Sabrina is the best! I adore her and LOVE her books.

Fedora said...

How awesome! Congrats to you both--100 reviews? Woohoo!

Rhonda Jones said...


SaturnMoonie said...

Thanks ladies! :D

Tina Reiter said...

Love Sabrina York!

Sabrina York said...

THANK YOU to everyone for playing with us! This was such a fun giveaway!

And congrats Desire!