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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fangs Of Anarchy 2 - Outlaw Alpha: The Ultimatum (Part 4) by Dakota Cassidy

How much trouble can one woman get into? Especially when her favorite past-time is quilting? Well, Freya Ashe is turning out to be an atypical ex-litigating ex-werewolf. There’s the newly turned vampire thing and the murder thing and the going-on-the-lam thing. Oh, and the sex thing with the hot-on-hot Liam McConnell, her new vampire mate.

And when a terrifying demon drops by and issues a few friendly death threats, Freya discovers just how clueless she’s become, how disconnected to everything and everyone around her. That’s was all those Law & Order marathons will get you. Seems her would-be werewolf mate, Courtland Dodd, is nice and tight with the demon Angus Sweeten. The very pile of nasty Liam has been trying to meet with. And he’s this close.

With intrigue around every corner and a slew of alleged misdeeds piled on Freya’s slender shoulders, she and Liam better be careful. If you make a deal with a devil like Angus, everyone might go up in flames. 


Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch OUCH. That was a damn of a cliffhanger. Part 4 brought us some more hot vampire sex - thank you, Dakota, can never get enough of those. We also got to see Angus Sweeten again, which I admit, is my favorite villain from the Fangs of Anarchy serials. He kind of reminds me of Sweet from the Buffy musical episode, Once More With Feeling.

Totally picture this guy every time Angus shows up.

As always, I can't really get into the details of the story, seeing as it's super short. I WILL say that Sweeten is one evil, demonic mothersucker and his reputation is well earned, in my opinion.

Uncensored Comments Straight From Kindle:

  • Now that Dakota got me into Jane The Virgin, I wonder if Petra from the tv show was the inspiration for Petra in her book. Either way, that's exactly who I'm picturing in my head now. LOL.
  • Thumbs. Eyes. Ewww
  • Clarenceeeee!
  • Duuuh, Freya. Sheesh, you really did win your cases with your looks back in the day, didn't ya?
  • Maybe it wasn't meant for Claire after all. Mayyybe, Petra knew Freya and Liam had the hots for each other and that was her way of getting rid of Freya, so Petra could become alpha.
  • Honesty time? Ooooh, is this where he tells her she's the bee's knees? That she's his sunrise to his sunset???
  • Oooooh this is the part where he makes YOU confess that your panties were constantly wet whenever he was around.

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