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Monday, October 13, 2014

Polanski Brothers: Home Of The Eternal Rest - Part Two by Dakota Cassidy

Spencer Polanski and Detective Larkin McBride are the most unlikely potential couple. Her a scentless vampire embalmer, him a human detective who can hear Spencer’s every thought.

In part two, Spencer and Larkin find, despite being at odds, they can’t resist each other, and that’s when things get sticky.

It's also hotter than Hades when a secret Spencer’s been keeping for five hundred years is revealed, but worse? Her suspicions about a Polanski Brothers client are cemented when another body shows up for embalming with questionable neck wounds she's seen before.

Someone’s murdering people in the small town of Easton. So what’s a girl to do when the detective she’s crazy hot for can read her every thought...and those thoughts are telling her one of her own kind is the murderer? 


I received an ARC of this book for an honest review

This is the second part to Dakota Cassidy's Polanski Brothers serial, it is a direct continuation of the first part so if you haven't read part one, read that one first! This review may have slight spoilers if you haven't read the first installment.

This is where things get frustrating for me: I'm all into the book and all of a sudden there's no more words. Why? Because I have to wait for part freaking three to continue! Ugh.

We now have a name for "Blondie" and it is Joffrey - insert eye roll here. What a stuck up piece of bleep. Apparently, he's a Twilight wannabe - if the constant sparkly jokes were any indication. Both Spencer and Larkin are suspicious of him for no apparent reason except that he just gives off a creepy vibe. I'm totally on board with them, I picked up on the vibe in the first part, that's why he's my main suspect. How Dakota was able to get me to pick up on it from the very beginning when the exchange between Joffrey and Spencer in part one was rather brief, is a testament to her awesome storytelling skills.

Joffrey is still trying to flirt with our girl Spencer (helloooo, did you not see hunky hunk Larkin? You ain't got a chance, buddy!) and is trying awfully hard to insinuate himself into her life. Spencer may not be able to smell, but I can, and Joffrey Krachowsky reeks! Something her parents have also picked up on. And speaking of Spencer's parents, I sure hope we get to read more of them. I'm already digging her momma.

Spoiler Alert: Our girl is no longer a virgin, ya'll! We got our first hot scene and Spencer went all the way. I would have too. And double spoiler alert: Larkin KNOWS! And that exchange between them was entertaining as hell. Larkin even faints! BAHAHAHA! (Triple spoiler alert? Heh)

I'm still all in. Give me part three ASAP - I need to know what happens next!

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