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Friday, June 5, 2009

Guilty by Karen Robards

Can you honestly ever escape your past?

Kat Kominski was fifteen years old and in foster care when she decided to sneak out of the house and join her friends for a late night drive.

While in the bathroom, she heard gunshots and rushed out. Her friends were running back to the car, a friend, holding the gun. A guy lay on the ground in a pool of blood. Everyone fled the scene and no one was caught.

Thirteen years later, Kate White, once Kat, has come a long way: single mom with a nine-year-old son and works as a prosecutor.

When shots are fired in the courtroom of where Kate is, she is taken hostage and she comes into contact with one of her old friends from that terrible night. He is demanding something from her… or else he will confront authorities about that particular night long ago.

She is now in a predicament. If the truth gets out, she can lose everything’s she’s ever worked for, including her son. But how can she possibly do what he has asked?

Threats, blackmailing, and terrorizing her, Kate knows not only is her life in danger, but also her son’s. She must turn to Detective Tom Braga, the one taking the lead of the courtroom investigation, for protection. But, he suspects her of something. And when he beings to search through her background… “Kat” has a lot of explaining to do.

I really liked the whole idea of this story: Teenage girl witnesses and keeps her mouth shut about a murder, she ends up being a prosecutor, and a long time friend comes along and screws up her life.

But I have to say, it wasn’t what I expected. It took me forever to read, and I guess it was because of the way the author wrote. I’m not totally sure though. There were too many characters that come into play and I forgot who was who – so that might be the reason why the “bad guys” confused me. I couldn't keep up with names. I was just lost.

I'm still trying to figure out if I liked the main character. She lies too much, lol... and I mean, she had to, but at some point it was getting a little ridiculous; it was like, enough with the lying!! You're caught out, admit it.

I have another book by this author that I read a few years back so I can’t remember it – I might want to read it again to see if this author is worth reading again.

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