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Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Seer's Lover by Kat De Falla

For years, Calise Rowe has been able to sense unusual energy from people, making her believe she is different. Pulled into an ancient war raging for centuries between demon hunters and seers, she's about to find out she's right.
Her search for the truth leads her to Lucas Rojas, a seer of angels and demons who walk the earth shrouded from normal human eyes. He's hidden his gift for years and refuses to endanger Calise by sharing it with her.

In the sultry Costa Rican Jungles, their worlds collide. As their passion and desire ignite, so does the ancient war between demons and seers. Will their combined efforts be enough to save themselves and the entire human world, or will their new found love be their downfall? 


The Seer's Lover was a bit of a difficult read for me. I went back and forth between enjoying the book and getting bored or annoyed. The storyline I liked; seers, demons, angels, artifacts - it was all intriguing. I liked that demons and angels could be born from any combination of parents (angel/human, human/human, demon/human, etc.) I also - for the most part - enjoyed Calise. She had a bit of diluted seer in her and could sense angel and demons. She was told all her life she was imagining things, to not talk about them because she was coming off a little nutty. Calise, however, is a girl who wants answers; and when the opportunity arises for her to get the answers she has always wanted, she goes for it. She's determined, and stubborn, and those are good qualities in a heroine. Unfortunately, I don't feel like Calise lived up to her personality all the time. For someone who knows martial arts, she sure didn't use any of her skills - ever. I was very disappointed with that. I felt Calise wasn't as strong in the second half of the book as she was in the beginning.

I had a similar, albeit flipped response to Lucas. I wasn't too fond of him in the beginning. Specifically in the scenes without Calise. I found him to be sniveling and rash. All this talk about his training and confidence that he can take on demons, and he seemed to fail at every turn. Honestly, I'm not sure why he thought he could fight them to begin with - why was he so confident? When he was with Calise I liked him a lot better. Maybe because it was just about the man and woman relationship and not about his seer/fighting skills. I will say, he does redeem himself in my eyes towards the end of the book. Love sure made him into that kick ass guy hero he thought he was in the beginning.

My two favorite characters in this book were not the leads. It was actually Shane and Ellen. Ellen is one of Calise's best friends, and that's all I can really say without spoiling the story. She doesn't appear till the second half of the story but I loved her character from the moment she did show up.

Shane I loved because I felt he was the perfect bad guy. I disliked him from the very beginning, although I did feel sorry for him. As the story progressed I felt less sorry for him and ended up being disgusted with him. I really liked the journey he went through in the story and where he ended. His progression as a character was by far the best one.

The author also has music that goes with the book, and I really dug that. There are three tracks which you can check out on Amazon (click here). They go with chapters 2, 6, and 12. The last track, the one for chapter 12 is by far my favorite - I could play the beginning of it on loop for hours. 

Uncensored comments straight from Kindle:
  • "Sure we know Carmen." - It can't be THAT easy to find Carmen, too common of a name. even with her last name...did Calise even know her last name at that point? Anyway, Carmen is a very popular Spanish name. I've met several of them in my lifetime, including my mother. At least it was acknowledged later that Carmen wasn't the only Carmen on the island. :P
  • Too many scene changes too quick! Didn't let me get into the character or the scene. Just kept popping from place to place.
  • “Your hair smells like strawberries,” he murmured, pulling her tight against him. “Suave.” - LOL! Hey, I've used that one before!
  • We already know a certain somebody kills themselves...so the scene where they go into detail about how they died didn't do anything for me. The surprise of knowing what happened to them might have made this a better moment/scene.
  • I love that Calise is better at sparring than Lucas.
  • *groans* Oh, she called it a pearl!!! Ugh.
  • Let me get this straight - this man has only had sex once his entire life (when he was like 18) and he's supposed have all this self control and be oh so good at oral? A++!? I call bullshit.
  • His sly smile told her he would take all the time in the world to make sure she climaxed with him. - Not in a million years - not when this is his second time, EVER!

This is part of a series (The Seven Archangels) - I'm not sure if I'll read the next installment.

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