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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Club Rook: Episode 1: Temperance Dancing by Noel Meredith, Erzabet Bishop, Skye Montague, Brianne DiMarco, Jennifer DiMarco (Editor)

Demons. Angels. And strippers... Oh my! Enter the exclusive world of Club Rook, an erotic women's club... built over a portal to hell. Demons walk the streets but angels do, too, and which is which may surprise you. No other 500+ page novel is released in weekly installments accompanied by a music video and original EDM/dubstep song. Watch and listen every Monday at http://clubrook.angelsofanarchy.com or buy the soundtrack now on Amazon.

An erotic hybrid of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Lost Girl," "Club Rook" is drenched in secrets, sex and monsters. Hunter Echo Abeje may own the Rook, but witch/seer Shanti set the wards; alchemist/dealer Jules brews the potions, and musician/dominatrix Heather is a fierce fighter. And don't forget Temperance Ruiz, the newest dancer at the Rook and so much more.


This is a very unique format of story - at least for me. As the description says, Club Rook is a weekly serial which just started last week. The first episode, Temperance Dancing kicks off the story right - with murder. You're not sure what you witness, except that it was supernatural in nature. You're then taken to Club Rook, where you're introduced to a handful of characters - all women, all gay, most of them strippers. 

The story progresses just like a television show, no chapters, only scene changes. Just like the pilot of any new show, you meet lots of characters, but aren't sure what their story is yet. We've got Echo, who is a hunter and the owner of the club, but not everyone that works there knows she's a hunter, or that supernatural beings exist. We were also introduced to Shanti, who is a witch of all trades. She doesn't work at Club Rook, but did set up wards for the establishment. Heather does the music for the club, but also has a certain arrangement with Echo (won't really get into details about that, saving some good stuff for when you guys read the book). Temperance is the newest stripper and everyone is enamored with her. And Jules showed up towards the end; she has a lab at her place and makes LSD and such.

I can't really get into details, seeing as it is a short read and don't want to spoil it for everyone. But I do highly recommend you pick this up. It's really interesting, it's short, and it's pretty sexy. The series is written by a group of writers, each one in charge of a different character. I'm excited to see how this story unfolds and what these ladies have in store.

"...debonair dyke with harness-for-hire." Ha! Loved that!

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