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Monday, November 17, 2014

Polanski Brothers: Home Of The Eternal Rest - Part 3 by Dakota Cassidy

In part three, as Spencer and Larkin dig deeper into their investigation of the detective’s best friends murder and the suspicious circumstances surrounding yet another death in her sleepy town, they also investigate each other.
A. Lot. Woo hoo!

While neither can deny their intense physical attraction, they also can’t deny a very big problem.

Someone’s killing people—someone with fangs, and it’s Larkin’s duty to find out who’s doing the killing.

But how does a guy who’s falling for a sexy vampire do the right thing when it could mean risking her entire clan’s discovery in the process?

Because if the hot detective isn’t careful, he could find the woman he wants more than any other before, staked at dawn... 


So far part three is the steamiest of the bunch. Lots of sizzling moments in this book. But my favorite part was Spencer's thoughts on Joffrey and Larkin's reaction to hearing her thoughts. That's actually been my favorite part on all the books. I'm a huge fan of Dakota's snark and this character has plenty of it.

Spencer's brother, Ethan comes back in this book and drops a bomb on us, which I really enjoyed. We still don't know who the killer vamp is and they have no suspects. Of course, we all suspect Joffrey, but neither Spencer nor Larkin have looked at him twice.

It looks as though we may find out why Larkin was suspended in the next installment. Honestly, I hadn't given it much thought. Maybe I'm just used to watching and reading things where the cop gets suspended but it seems to be some sort of big deal so we shall see what happens.

Uncensored Comments Straight From Kindle 

  • Somebody get a fire extinguisher, cuz I'm on fiyah!
  • Why do you need to be gentle? She’s a vampire, you won’t hurt her.

Overall good book. Eagerly awaiting the next part.

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