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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Polanski Brothers: Home Of Eternal Rest - Part 4 by Dakota Cassidy

In the conclusion, Spencer Polanski and Larkin McBride are this close (see fingers pressed almost together) to catching a diabolical killer.

The couple's determined to nab who killed the hunky detective's best friend, and in the process, find a way to make their unusual relationship work.

But an evil plot, and more murder and mayhem, are just as determined to keep them apart...


What a great ending! :D Everything was explained, the bad guy lost, the good guys won, and Larkin and Spencer got a happy ending. Another smash by the amazing Dakota Cassidy. Every story of hers I read makes me love her more and more - is that even possible? Not much I can say that won't spoil the book for you guys so let us move on to...

Uncensored Comments Straight From Kindle:

  • How do you know she's human, Larkin? Huh huh?
  • Not now, Larkin! What a horndog.
  • Oh shit oh shit, Ethan, what have you gotten yourself into?
  • OH MY GOD WHAT KIND OF A COP ARE YOU!? You seriously left the burger joint where you could have spied on Joffrey and Ethan to have SEX!? C'Mon, guys!!! This is pissing me off! It's like that one Harlequin I read all those years ago...not getting into THAT one.
  • No, don't go. It's a trap - a trap, I tell ya!
  • *Ahem* Excuse me, Larkin. What the hell do you mean by she was a girl vampire? Hey, Tarzan, keep those thoughts in check, will ya!?
  • ...really? You find her door wide open and her chair knocked over and alarm bells don't go off? I'm personally taking that badge from you, detective!
  • Yesss - get daddy! Daddy'll whoop some ass!
  • Daddy is gearing up for an ass whoopin', oh yes he is!

What a ride! What a great story. A great ending. Very bittersweet - so sad there won't be anymore Spencer and Larkin.

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