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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Beach House by James Patterson & Peter de Jonge

Jack Mullen is a student of the law. His brother, Peter, younger by seven years, parks cars for rich people in Hampton.

When Peter’s body is found on the beach, Jack is certain that the so-called drowning was no accident, but it was murder.

This story shows you how someone’s power and money can buy cops, people, and even the system.

Jack is not satisfied with how this crime is being taken care of, so he begins an investigation on his own and someone is pretty pissed off about it. This murder mystery will have you entertained until the very last page!

It’s a story filled with sex, money, deception, and revenge. How much better can it get?

This is my 3rd book from Patterson and I was definitely pleased with the entire book. It’s a very fast-paced book. Don’t get intimidated by the number of chapters because they are very short, about 1-2 pages long.

Many characters are brought in, so it may be hard to keep track of who’s who. But, every character has a purpose and I liked that a lot.

I don’t know what else to say, other than it kept my full attention because it was interesting and not predictable.

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