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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Path to Freedom by Lisa Pietsch

Talk about having a bad day! Within hours, Sarah Stevens, is let go from the military because of the extra sixty-five pounds she has gained and she walks into her boyfriend’s apartment to find him cheating on her – with a man! What is a girl to do when she’s lost not only her job, but also the only one who should have been by her side?

Her Commander gives her a number to call for a boot camp that specializes in weight loss. So, she calls and it turns out that it was the thing she needed to turn her life around.

Sarah doesn’t know many details about this camp, only that it’s free and it could help her in ways she never thought possible. The only thing she has to do is continually lose weight each week to stay in the program. But something’s a little off, there has to be some sort of catch.

Throughout her time at the boot camp, Sarah loses all the weight she’s gained and more! Not only does she become a total hot bombshell, she gains self-confidence she never thought she had. And, it turns out this ‘fat camp’ was actually training her to become a Black Ops agent!

That’s just the beginning …

Bring on the men, weapons, and sex scenes… ha ha.

This book was great. I usually don’t read military novels, but this one definitely caught my attention and I learned a lot from it. The author did an excellent job at giving lots of information without making me feel lost. It wasn’t just thrown in there; it had purpose and it flowed well.

I loved how all the characters responded towards each other; it felt like they really were friends, trying to get along, trying to cope with one another … it was awesome.


Lisa Pietsch said...

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

PoeticBabyCakes said...

Anytime! :-) excellent job.